Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Returning to the Arctic"  "In July and for the time being, I am off to the Tundra and the Arctic until October 2010, perhaps find a computer in a village and will add new photos...Bill...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Woolly Mammoth Tusk" "Immature Bull Mammoth Tusk, as I discovered it in an Arctic stream partially buried in gravel. I had came into another stream miles upriver and for days did not find a single bone or fragment of ivory. Finally coming into a confluence of two systems I immediately discovered this tusk as if it were waiting for my arrival." "Shortly following this discovery I began to find many more tusks and bones for the remaining search."

"The Arctic Tundra" "Just below this visible surface is 'permafrost' ice that will never thaw unless eroded by rivers or wave action in ponds and lakes." "The entire expanse of the Arctic region of Alaska and Siberia are endless bones and tusks of the Woolly Mammoth and all species that have ever existed there due to their unique preservation in ice."

"Just under the surface of the Arctic tundra is ice that has been in place for thousands of years and is a preservative to any fauna of the time. Woolly Mammoth bones and tusks with the occasional mummy are discovered, the entire fauna of the Pleistocene Epoch is within this time record."

"Woolly Mammoth Calf, Mummy" "Discovered in Siberia is the most complete mammoth found to date and as it appeared in 'National Geographic' dated at forty thousand years and thawed from permafrost and deposited at spring flood water level. "For more information "Waking the Baby Mammoth" 'National Geographic video'

"I came to a confluence of two creeks systems and stopped to examine the currents flowing to the north. These rafts are of the old style that took a great deal of effort to pull along the shallows and I rested to continue to the north, down stream. I noticed a very small two inch section of mammoth ivory blue in color under the surface. I kicked it with my boot and it did not move so I dug down in the gravel and pulled out this very nice tusk, amazing that only the smallest piece was visible, a lucky find."

"Cow Woolly Mammoth Tusk in the River" "Looking rather closely to see this tusk as it was the only photo that turned out somewhat visible." The tip is the darkened point to the top of the photo and the remainder is more visible in the sand.

"Woolly Mammoth Tusk" "Discovered in shallow water in an Arctic river, ten miles from the Arctic Ocean." This is a right tusk of a mature cow Woolly Mammoth and in such great condition that it will remain as a specimen."

"Bering Sea Beaches" On a walk in the cold winds, off shore, of the Bering Sea. Always a brisk day even during the sunny days. Out in front of me a sight of a tooth lying in the surf, I reach for my camera and try to photograph it but disappears in the sand from a wave, but soon it reappears and I succeed. Pressing on I encounter driftwood from Japan and distant rivers to the south, the occasional glass fishing float and many full bottles of Moskol mosquito repellent that somehow the natives lose overboard their fishing boats all too often.. "Rarely, I discover a section of the rarest ivory in the world only found on these beaches, red colored Woolly Mammoth Ivory laced with blues, oranges and all shades of brown."

"Beach combing the Bering Sea" "Look closely in front of the drift wood and see a tooth of an Orca, Killer Whale, as it lay, drifting in the sand."

"Out of the Gravel" "Woolly Mammoth Tusk, still organic ivory as modern ivory, frozen intact from ten to forty thousand years in ice. Some examples are as good condition as when they were first frozen during the 'Ice Age' and other examples are so badly eroded... they get left behind."

Friday, June 26, 2009

"Seeing the Sky" "In Situ, this ancient Prehistoric Ivory Doll effigy is uncovered after centuries of burial, near the beach of the Bering Sea, Alaska"

"Prehistoric Ivory Human Form or 'Doll' Effigy" "Discovered eroding out from a creek bank intersecting with a beach on the Bering Sea, Alaska." "Evident of the interest that humans have had for ivory throughout history"

"Its Good to be King" "This the reverse side of the sculpture performed by 'Ardana' of Bali"

"Its Good to be King" "Artist 'Ardana' of Bali and sculpted of Woolly Mammoth Ivory, 'Ardana' is a Hindu traditional artist whom has worked in my studio since 1991 and specializes in Ganesha but can sculpt all deities of the Ramayana."

"Sumatran Elephants of Taro" "From the studio of William Sidmore of Bali and on display in the museum of 'Taro Elephant Park' of Taro Bali." "My Tribute to Nigel and Yanie Mason of "Taro."

"Full Gallup and in the Lead" "This Composition is the tribute to the efforts and success of my friends, Nigel and Yanie Mason of the "Taro" Elephant Park, Bali, whom have rescued 27 elephants from Sumatra with two new babies born in the park, one bull calf named, "Gantang" and a cow calf named "Jegeg." "Rescued, Healthy and Happy"

"Almost in the Lead" "With trunks, Tusks, Feet and Tails in a 'Ball' yet moving forward to the 'Lead' and the Center section of this composition."

"Bringing up the End" "This fully carved Woolly Mammoth Tusk is most jovial in composition with all the calves, bulls and cows in a 'Ball' and from my studio." William Sidmore

"So Far the very best sculpture of Sumatran Elephants sculpted from my studio of Woolly Mammoth Ivory." "A wonderful tusk section with amazing integrity, I discovered this tusk section almost entirely buried in gravel just forty miles south of the Arctic ocean."

"Ganesha and 'Naga' Dragon" "Traditional Elaborate 'Hindu Bali' master work from artist 'Ardana,' and 'Sidmore' studio. A very solid Woolly Mammoth 'Cow' Tusk I had discovered in Arctic Alaska"

"Ganesha and 'Naga' Dragon" "Highly ornamental as per traditional Hindu sculpted in Woolly Mammoth Ivory from my studio in Bali"

"Ancient Shaman's Dream" "A massive Woolly Mammoth Ivory sculpture from a large Bull Mammoth Tusk found in Arctic Alaska, from the studio of William Sidmore...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"African Collage" "I discovered this old carving in an antique store of an African woman and after having it for several years I decided to change the simple profile of the woman to include a group of African animals, colored it to match the antique color of the original craving"

"Arctic Lions in Confrontation" "Indeed there were lions in Alaska and Siberia, large and heavily furred, dangerous" "Woolly Mammoth Ivory" by William Sidmore

"Ganesha with Naga 'Dragon' of traditional Balinese Motif" "Woolly Mammoth Ivory" mounted on 'Brazilian Tabular Smoky Quartz Crystal' by artist and friend 'Ardana' of Bali"

"Yupik Eskimo Maskette of Woolly Mammoth Ivory" "Bering Sea region of Alaska, this amulet has elements of ancient origins of 'Okvik' of St. Lawrence Island with contemporary arrangements" by William Sidmore

"Afternoon Family in the Jungle" "Taro Elephant Park" "I have been composing these sculptures for Nigel and Yanie Mason of 'Taro' Elephant Park for many years and have been sold and distributed all over the world as "The Only Legal Ivory in the World"

"Sweet and on the trail" "Woolly Mammoth Ivory" by William Sidmore to the brothers of the Mammoth, our jungle elephants from a study of the twenty nine Sumatran elephants in the 'Taro' elephant park, 'Taro' Bali, my tribute to Nigel and Yanie Mason...

"Dragons in Conflict, so it seems yet impressing each other" "Woolly Mammoth Ivory and from the studio of William Sidmore"

"Woolly Mammoth Femur Bone" "I discovered this bone in a river as I drifted by almost asleep...
from the afternoon sun and almost missed it as it slid by under my boat. Incredibly solid bone and covered in moss from lying on the bottom. Several Arctic Char dodged my feet as they dangled in the water, no doubt have never seen others in their sojourn. Sculpture by William Sidmore

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Yupik Dancer" "These designs, although produced for the Alaskan tourist market, are either made from Woolly Mammoth Ivory or Domestic Bone." The 'Yupik Dancer' is both an ancient design and contemporary mix to offer a new and refreshing amulet. Dealership price in mammoth ivory is $25.00 and from Domestic Bone is $8.00 plus $1.00 for antique finish. "This photo is actual size"
(Contemporary beads are included in the complete composition)
"Orca, Killer Whale" "Amulet of Woolly Mammoth Ivory with old Russian Trade Beads, produced in my studio and designed by myself to offer to the Alaskan tourist market." "Distributor / Dealership price points at under two inches long; $15.00 not including the antique beads as are not always available, this design or your own ideas /designs are welcome, 100 piece order minimum." "Available in bone at $6.oo plus $1.oo for antique finish." "This photo is actual size of the Orca"

"Domestic Bone Pendant" "This motif is designed for the Alaskan interest and carved from Bone, Dealership price range of $8.00 plus $1.00 for antique finish." "I have a minimum requirement of 100 pieces to qualify for dealership price points and I will produce objects for clients with specific design interests and may contact this blog." "Also, In this blog, to view more of what I am illustrating, do 'click' on "Older Posts" to go to the next pages."

"Domestic Hand Carved Bone Production Pendants" "My studio is capable of a major supply of designs for broaches and rings with this photo promotion illustrating pendants." Dealership wholesale prices for the illustrated examples are from $6.00 to $8.00 on cords with stone / glass beads (in the white color format.) Antique finish (illustrated in photo above) also available for additional cost. "Any personal designs can be replicated and customized to individual ideas"

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Angel Goddess" of Woolly Mammoth Ivory "In all of History, the 'Goddess Image' maintained a longevity in the minds and imaginations of all peoples everywhere and in all cultures." "For over thirty years I have collected and created Goddess images with an awareness of the sacred link they represent"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Toklat Grizzly" "Less then twenty feet from my boat as I was eating a 'Snickers' chocolate bar."
"I was temporarily stuck in the shallow river as I went to ground and was on a break and soon to pull the boat out." "This bear circled me several times and at times very close but finally left up river and did not assist in dragging the boat free."
"Immature Bull Woolly Mammoth Tusk" "I saw this tusk from a hundred meters upriver near the river bank." There are just no trees this far north in the Arctic and anything of size is curious. This tusk was mostly underwater in gravel and the end was all that could be seen. "As I slowly drifted toward this tusk my excitement grew but always cautious with my expectations as so many tusks are broken and fragmented, this specimen, as I neared, was as if it was lost to the river months ago instead of twenty thousand years in history."
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory" "Elephants in 'King of the Hill' with the calf in the lead"
"Woolly Mammoths," Tree line and looking to the north for winter, will be in the shelter of the south for her calves and the south at the Koyokuk and Yukon rivers...Matron leader as she has for generations in and out of the migration...
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory" Lions and the vision, a time in a warm subterranean house, while they dream, the winds rage in the Siberian winter and lash out at them. The are covered in mammoth wool and the Shaman laughs...
"Pen and Ink" "Siberian Hunter Warrior," replacing damaged ivory spear blade with another.
This sketch I drafted in 1977 for print sales, two hundred copies and original lost to theft in Anchorage, Alaska. "Predators in the tundra lands and in the ranks of man for similar gain."
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory" "Even those of the Tundra had visions of flying and to sleep with lions as in history, the breath of life in their company."
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory" The Vision of a young Shaman and the Spirit Lions, a song and story of the Taiga from the crossing...
"Woolly Mammoth Femur Bone" Discovered in a stream and sculpted, even as the tusk of the Mammoth is sacred, the bones as well offer the same stories...
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory" Heavy Bracelet and the voices of Shaman in their world so long ago yet they whisper in the hills and ponds where they remain...
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory" "They passed each other in their migrations and to the rivers, they knew each other and of their differences, now a memory of the "Land."
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory" Sculpture in mind and in form, finished. "To just sit on the tundra and visit the space unchanged in the thousands of years before my time, to imagine this time when the winds brought with it the sounds of mammoths and songs of ancient camps from those living on the tundra on their way through history."
"Such a slow drift, down the stream to the north Arctic Ocean fifty miles over the horizon."
"Clear, clean in waters this Treasure as it lay, left behind ten thousand years ago during the Ice Age in a world of the Land."
"One Piece Bracelets" "Sculpted from Mammoth Ivory, by William Sidmore, "The ivory was discovered on the Bering Sea beaches of Northern Alaska."