Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Sculpted "Woolly Mammoth Ivory" bracelet of motifs designed for the Alaskan market, and occasionally, I make bracelets as have been well received by my many clients, that I now, produce a greater number of them especially more abstract curves and ideas, exciting direction to go now since traditionally, I have performed many 'realistic' motifs as a rule for my friends in Alaska."
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory" 'Pendant design for the "Taro" Safari Park, Taro Bali...My studio supplies the Taro Park gift-shop, gallery and Museum for many years with my personal support for the endeavor of Nigel and Yanie Mason (owners) in the rescue operations of 27 Sumatran Elephants.  As a result of this rescue, these elephants will not face degradation that confinement in Sumatra offers in place for the diminishing herds.  The park now celebrates three new calves born to the park in 2009, a successful rescue and perpetuation of this endangered species."
"Antique ivory sculpted in Africa during the late 19th century.  It is a tribal girl in traditional design."  'I discovered in an 'antique' shop in Java.  The entire sculpture was crude in effect and apart from the face, it needed some help from my studio.  "Leaving the girl's face intact is all I left from the original piece.  I then designed all of the characters to suit the composition to my liking.  It now resides in a private museum, with signatures of  two artists."

Monday, May 3, 2010

"VILLAGE FAMILY"  "Bi-Colored Woolly Mammoth Ivory"  "Figured Teak Wood Base"  "Sumatran Elephants and Native Orang Padang"  (5 inches x 3 inches) ($1100.00 Gallery) 'From the studio of William Sidmore'
"GIVE ME A HAND"  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory from the Bering Sea"  "Taro Safari Park, Taro Bali, composition of  'Sumatran Elephants' with a size of  (6 inches x 4 inches) on a figured teak base.  Gallery appraised value ($1800.00) from the studio of William Sidmore"

"Woolly Mammoth Ivory"  'Bi-colored 'chocolate and mocha' composition designed for 'Taro' Safari Park, Taro, Bali.  We utilize 'gem-stone' beads and gold gilding in our necklace motifs.  Due to the theme of 'rescued' Sumatran elephants now based in Taro, we produce many compositions of elephants...all different.'
"Be Patient, He's not going anywhere"    A rare 'bi-colored section of "Woolly Mammoth Ivory" 'This composition is of two layered color due to the outer  surface being harder than the interior dentin layer, hence the color difference. The size is approx. 'four inches' square and appraised value is $1200.00.  (Gallery.)  signed William Sidmore, artist sculpture 2010...