Thursday, June 10, 2010

"The Little Inuit, meet their friends on the tundra, most famous of all Eskimo, these fellows were only thirty inches or so in height.  They remained hidden from the other tribes, they were concerned about being enslaved.  The tundra was their home and once in a while an Athabaskan or Eskimo would spot one but he would quickly vanish."  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory, Studio Sidmore"
"Bear and Cub pendant of "Woolly Mammoth Ivory"  "Gemstone beads are used and on occasion I use glass beads that are original and in keeping with the Russian trade tradition."
"The Denbigh Shaman in a new introduction with Toklat Grizzly group.  At first it did not go easily, but the Shaman was befriended as always with the bear."  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory sculpture, Sidmore Studio."
"The Denbigh Inuit" were the smallest, at less than a meter in height.  They were magical people and remained hidden from other Inuit villagers due to their powers and influence in the natural world.  Remnants of them are discovered by their expert crafted weaponry.  In the sculpture composition, it is the Denbigh people that protect the bear and even swims and ride them... all across the Arctic." "Woolly Mammoth Ivory" collected in the village of Koyuk, Norton Sound, Alaska."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"They were kin to all of the bears...and they were legend...the Hobbits of the Arctic...the Denbigh Iniut"

Monday, June 7, 2010

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