Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Twenty Feet Distant" "Toklat Grizzly" "On a walk from camp, and a hundred yards from the 'tent.' So, I turned and walked parallel with this 'fella' stopping for a photo for just a few seconds as not wanting to be too far behind. At times I was only twenty feet from him as he progressed closer to my camp. He paid me no attention as he seemed to focus on my tent and inflatable boat towards the end of the gravel bar, now just twenty yards away...or so. I continued to 'talk' to him as he moved along the gravel, to a pace that found me almost at a run.' 'No gun with me and just a camera,and a  very nervous encounter as we advanced even closer to the camp. I could see my 'shotgun' draped over the boat's stern, loaded, but still five yards away. I thought of running just then but the bear suddenly moved towards the bank on his side of the river and into...the bush."
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  1. Being one with nature sometimes re-defines excitement (but makes for a great story).